Dr. Martens

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About Dr. Martens

Going against the grain? Dr. Martens boots and shoes stand as a symbol of individuality and authenticity, worn by people who are proud to be who they are. Originally, Dr. Martens were produced as a reliable work boot for Britain’s working class. In the 1960s, the boots played an important role for artists, musicians, and youth who were proud to show their working class roots. The 1970s saw Docs gaining traction in subcultures including punk, goth, glam rock, and even Pete Townshend of The Who who wore them to perform on stage. Today, Dr. Martens are a counterculture icon. Though they’ve found mainstream appeal with platform and sandal versions, perfect for festival looks and streetwear ‘fits, they always retain that united spirit of rebellion. Find your next pair of Docs online at JD Sports Canada today.

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