Side profile of the Salomon XT-Rush 2 in a field of grass.

From Alpine Slopes to City Streets: Salomon Has Arrived

Ever wondered what it feels like to conquer city streets with the same confidence as scaling alpine terrains? Well, look no further — JD Sports Canada is thrilled to welcome Salomon to our roster, the brand that’s mastered the art of fusing outdoor vigour with urban chic. 


From its humble beginnings in the heart of the French Alps to its rise as a major player in technical outdoor footwear, Salomon has made a name for itself in the world of sports and outdoor adventure. It's a brand that's as comfortable on the slopes as it is on the pavement, offering performance-driven footwear for those who crave adventure.


Why Salomon, you ask? Picture this: a shoe that’s not just a shoe, but a trusty sidekick for all your escapades. Salomon is synonymous with unparalleled performance and durability, wrapped in innovative designs that have solidified its stature among the giants of outdoor gear.

Man and woman sitting on rocks. Man is wearing Salomon XT-Rush 2 in Black, Woman is wearing Salomon ACS+ in White
Man and woman sitting on rocks. Man is wearing Salomon XT-Rush 2 in Black, Woman is wearing Salomon ACS+ in White

The Salomon Story: From Peaks to Pavements

Salomon’s tale began in 1947 in the quaint town of Annecy, France. What started with metal saw blades soon turned to ski edges, as the Salomon family tapped into the winter sports arena. Fast forward through decades of ski boots and bindings, and the brand quickly leaped into hiking shoes in 1992, embracing adventurers of all kinds.


After that, innovation soon became Salomon’s middle name. The Quicklace system? Their brainchild for fuss-free lacing. The Agile Chassis System? A marvel that stabilizes your stride on rocky paths. Salomon doesn’t just create shoes; they engineer companions for your feet.

Salomon Meets the Street

But Salomon isn’t just for the trailblazers of the wilderness. The XT-6, birthed for the rugged trails, found its way into the urban jungle and onto the most discerning fashionistas’ feet. Their strides into fashion collaborations have blurred the lines between practicality and trendsetting, catering to the outdoor enthusiast and the city slicker alike.

Woman standing on beach path wearing Salomon ACS+ in Black.
Man standing on beach wearing XT-Rush 2 in Bleached Sand.

Enter "Gorpcore"

Yes, you read that right. Gorpcore — the trend where outdoor gear meets everyday cool — has become Salomon’s playground. It’s where their coveted XT-Wings 2 shines, with its cushy Agile Chassis System making a transition from dirt paths to downtown a breeze.


Or take the XT-Pathway, a shoe that says, “I’m ready for adventure” in any setting. Its sleek design and rugged sole are equally at home on a scenic hike or at your local café.


Not to overlook the XT-Rush 2 either, which embodies the spirit of versatility. Whether you’re darting through city streets or pacing through forest trails, this model is your go-to for comfort and style.


And for the purists at heart, the ACS+ stands as a testament to Salomon’s legacy — robust, reliable, and ready for anything. It’s the shoe that doesn’t compromise, making no distinction between an urban explorer and an alpine conqueror.

Why JD Sports Canada and Salomon?

Because we get it. We know you want gear that’s up for a challenge, shoes that don’t flinch at the weather report. You want the Salomon assurance of quality with the JD Sports stamp of trendsetting.


So, here's the call — step into the Salomon experience at JD Sports Canada. We’ve got the XT-Wings 2, the XT-Pathway, the XT-Rush 2, and the ACS+, all waiting to embark on your next quest. Whether you're scaling peaks or paving new paths in the concrete jungle, we have the right shoe for you. 


There’s more coming too, so stay tuned. This is just the beginning. We welcome you to embrace Salomon’s blend of function, flair, and freedom from the get-go. Join the movement and check out our collection today and let your feet lead you to your next adventure. 

Man and woman jumping on beach wearing Salomon XT-Rush 2 in Black and Bleached Sand respectively