A man is cleaning his sneakers with Crep Protect spray

How To Clean Your Sneakers
With Crep Protect

What’s happening JD fam! If you’re like us then your sneakers are your prized possessions. Not only a style statement or a high-heat cop but a way of life. When you lace your favourite pair, your sneakers are the only things separating your feet from the ground — so why not show those hard-working kicks the tender loving care they deserve?

If you’re not sure where to begin, you’re in the right place. Using top-of-the-line sneaker care products from Crep Protect, this brief guide shows two techniques to keep your kicks pristine. And we’ll walk you through it one step at a time. Whether you need a quick wipe on-the-go or you’re looking for a satisfying deep cleanse, read on and learn how to clean your sneakers the right way.

JD Guide: How To Clean Your Sneakers

Featuring Crep Protect

A layout of Crep Protect sneaker cleaning products with some freshly cleaned Air Max 97s

Technique 1: Quick & Efficient

When you’re on-the-go, a quick and easy cleaning gets the job done. Crep Protect has what you need to do it no matter where you are. Using the Crep Protect Wipes and Ultimate Rain & Stain Resistant Barrier Spray, you can have your kicks spiffed up and looking their best in no time.

2 products, 5 steps. Let’s go.

What you’ll need:


1. Tear open and remove wipe from package (one wipe cleans two sneakers)

2. Wipe upper with smoother side for general cleaning

3. Use textured side on stubborn stains and midsole

4. Shake Barrier Spray canister and apply from 20cm away

5. Wait 10 minutes for spray to dry and your kicks are ready to wear

A man is using Crep Protect cleaning solution to lather up his Air Max 97s

Technique 2: Deep Clean

There’s nothing like that fresh out of the box feeling, but we can get pretty darn close. On days when you have extra time, this deep cleaning method is the ultimate form of pampering and rejuvenation for tired soles.

So settle in with some music or light an incense. Just get comfy, and get cleaning.

What you’ll need:


1. Pop a Crep Protect Pill air freshener in each shoe (reusable up to 2 years)

2. Dip Premium Cure Brush in water

3. Apply a few drops of Ultimate Shoe Cleaner straight onto brush bristles

4. Scrub shoe’s upper and midsole with brush and work up a good lather

5. Use Cure microfibre cloth to remove suds and dry off shoe

6. Take out Crep Protect Pills from each shoe

7. Insert shoe trees to hold the shape of your sneakers

8. Enjoy your immaculate and fresh-smelling kicks

A man holding freshly cleaned Nike sneakers beside a layout of the Crep Protect products he used.

Last Steps: Keeping Your Sneakers in Top Shape

Think of maintaining your sneaker’s fresh, off-the-shelf look as an art form. One that you can use Crep Protect to master. Regular maintenance doesn’t just keep ‘em looking sharp and pristine, but also expands the lifespan of your sneakers. So you can wear all your favs for years to come. Whether it’s a spritz and a wipe or meticulous cleaning sesh, here’s to putting your best foot forward with good sneaker care.