Crep Protect

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About Crep Protect

Crep Protect — your secret weapon against stains, liquids, and less than desirable sneaker weather. Be it your all-time grail or your latest cop, Crep Protect comes through with the tools and supplies you need to keep your sneakers at their freshest. Named the world’s leading sneaker care brand, Crep Protect has become a household name sitting with sneaker enthusiasts across 52 countries. The award-winning London label completely embraces sneaker culture through an advocacy of music, sports, art and fashion, and collaborations with industry movers like the NBA and DJ Khaled. Through revolutionary innovation and an undeniable passion for sneaker care, it’s clear that Crep Protect has made its mark on the sneaker world — and it’s absolutely here to stay and available all year round at JD Sports Canada.

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