Celebrate International Women's Day

Celebrate International Women's Day

It’s International Women’s Day. A day we’re fully dedicating to a celebration of JD women 💗 And we’re so excited to highlight two women giving a fresh look and voice to JD Sports Canada. 

Meet Rachelle, photographer extraordinaire. She’s got the eye. And behind the scenes at every shoot, you can find her behind the camera. Experimenting with different shapes, colours, and playing with frames — we’re always excited to see what her lens is focused on next. Whether it’s the hottest campaign of the season or a meticulous editorial shoot, she brings her expertise and unique point of view to every shot she takes.

We asked Rachelle if she had any tips for female creatives, in which she responded by saying “create for yourself.” Continuing on, she insists “not [to] compare yourself with others. Know that being patient with the work you do and dealing with failure is all part of the process in creating great work.”

And at every shoot you’ll also find Kelsey, stylist second to none. Looking over every small detail and styling every piece into outfits beyond our imagination. She’s always bringing the knowledge and skills to fire off some insane looks. Whether you’re browsing JDSports.ca or scrolling through our socials, those fly fits you’re seeing? Yeah, that’s all Kelsey. She brings her special touch to every look — and we’re absolutely here for it.

When speaking on women’s styling in today’s industry Kelsey celebrates the “freedom, fun, and individuality of women’s fashion.” Adding that, “women are embracing their own unique tastes and preferences, experimenting with different looks, and creating their own personal style that reflects their individual personalities and lifestyles.”

JD Sports Canada is honoured to be working alongside these talented women. And with every outfit put together and every photo taken, they’re putting their stamp on the streetwear scene — adding that unique feminine perspective that we’ve been missing. Join us in a celebration of International Women’s Day and the women artists that are paving the way, embracing equity right here at JD Sports Canada.