San Antonio Spurs player Victor Wembanyama  opens his arms wide and shows off his matching green Nike Tech Fleece set

The Next Evolution of Nike Tech Fleece

A whole decade of style, trends, and sports has come and gone, but Nike Tech Fleece is here to stay. Donned by the likes of your favourite professional athletes and stars of the entertainment world, we’re diving into the history of Tech Fleece, its 10 year anniversary, and what to expect from the newest evolution of the Swoosh’s innovative, iconic fleece line.

A woman in a movie theatre looking cool in sunglasses and Nike Tech Fleece zip hoodie
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Nike Tech Fleece Roots

The first Tech Fleece capsule dropped in 2013, but its roots run even deeper. Before there was Tech Fleece there was the Nike Tech Pack, which dropped for the first time in 2007 and included sweatshirts, pants, pocket tees, track jackets, and the iconic Windrunner jacket (which would go on to become a Nike style icon in itself). At the time Techwear wasn’t a trending style or aesthetic. So when the Nike Tech Pack released with its sleek no-sew technology and sealed together fabric that delivered a breathable yet surprisingly insulating feel — people started taking notice.

Six years later, that first ‘07 Tech Pack was followed up by the first official Nike Tech Fleece collection launch in 2013. From there a new branch of the Nike legacy was born. The Swoosh had done it again. Reinventing sportswear, raising the bar for streetwear, and creating a highly sought-after style, nay lifestyle, in the worlds of fashion, sport, and pop culture.

Celebrating 10 Years of Tech Fleece

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of Tech Fleece this year, Nike’s star-studded “Don’t Sweat the Tech-nique” campaign presents a new iteration of the iconic fabrication for 2023. Fronted by world-class creatives and top professional athletes like NBA champ “Tech Freak” Giannis Antetokounmpo and “Ruler of all Courts” Naomi Osaka, the 10 year anniversary of Tech Fleece is keeping Nike’s core values at the forefront. The focus, as it always has been, is on unmatched comfort that doesn’t compromise on style. Whether it’s heading to practice, lounging at home, or hitting the streets, athletes look to Tech Fleece for something they can wear with confidence and comfort no matter what they’re doing.


Check out some of the shots from the new “Don’t Sweat the Tech-nique” campaign:

NBA star player Giannis Antetokounmpo ironing Nike Tech Fleece hoodie in a locker room stocked with Tech Fleece apparel
No. 1 world tennis player Naomi Osaka wearing a Nike Tech Fleece hoodie partially zipped to show off her pregnancy
No. 1 world tennis player Naomi Osaka sitting as chair umpire on a tennis court while wearing a Nike Tech Fleece set
NBA star player Giannis Antetokounmpo playing close attention as he irons a Nike Tech Fleece zip up hoodie

What’s New with Tech Fleece in 2023?

So what’s so special about Nike Tech Fleece in 2023? The designs are newly updated and are, in the words of the Swoosh, “Soft. Warm. Game-changing.” The premium fleece is, of course, comfort-defining and next to none — just as you remember it. Except hold on a second, this time it’s even warmer and softer than before. Hey, new Tech Fleece? We’re ready for you now.


With the new and improved tech also comes a new wave of style. Options like the Women’s Fleece Mid-Rise Joggers bring a modern look to the table, while the Tech Fleece Windrunner Jacket offers something familiar yet fresh for 2023. And grounding down into those deep Tech Fleece roots, all of the signature details you know and love remain (think tailored lines, taped pockets, and heat-transferred logos).

A little girl drops the mic while wearing a pink Nike Tech Fleece set
hester United player Alejandro Garnacho sits in a chair and gets his hair cut while wearing a Nike Tech Fleece zip up

If you’re wanting a reason to get excited about the upcoming colder months, why not snag some new Tech Fleece for your winter wardrobe?

Shop the next evolution right here at and get geared up for the season today.