Close-up profile of the Timberland 6-Inch Boot.

Timberland's 50th Anniversary: The Legacy of an Icon

Man wearing Timberland 6-Inch Boot, hanging feet over rooftop railing.

Half a Century of Timberland's Legacy

As we step into a significant milestone, it's time to celebrate not just a brand, but a legacy that has walked through five decades of style, innovation, and adventure. This year, Timberland marks its 50th anniversary, a journey that has shaped the very fabric of outdoor and urban footwear. At JD Sports Canada, we're not just observing a golden jubilee; we're honouring a saga that began with a vision, evolved into a movement, and stands today as a testament to enduring craftsmanship and style.


In 1973, Timberland introduced what would become more than just footwear – the Original Yellow Boot. A boot that didn't just protect against the elements but also carved a niche in fashion and culture. This iconic boot, with its rugged charm and dependable design, laid the foundation for a brand that believes in pushing boundaries and embracing bold journeys. As Timberland celebrates 50 years, it's this spirit, encapsulated in the Original Yellow Boot, that has propelled the brand to iconic status.

Man sitting on ledge of rooftop, wearing Timberland 6-Inch Boot

Timberland's Roots to Icon Status

From its inception, Timberland was more than a name – it was a promise of quality, durability, and an unwavering commitment to craftsmanship. The brand was born out of a desire to create a boot that could withstand the harshest of elements and quickly became a symbol of resilience and reliability. Over the years, this boot has transcended its functional roots to become a cultural icon, embraced by trailblazers and trendsetters alike.

The "THIS IS NOT A BOOT" Campaign: A Bold Evolution

In celebration of this milestone year, Timberland recently launched the "THIS IS NOT A BOOT" campaign, a narrative that goes beyond traditional footwear. These are not just boots; they're icons of a journey, embodiments of a spirit that thrives both in the wilderness and in the heart of the city. It’s a tribute to a journey that started with the Original Yellow Boot — a boot that was made for work, embraced by the outdoors, and celebrated in the streets.


As we toast Timberland's golden anniversary, let's spotlight the footwear that continues this legendary journey. All available at JD Sports Canada, of course: 

The Quintessential Classic:


A true icon in its own right, the Timberland Premium 6-Inch Waterproof Boot carries the legacy of the Original Yellow Boot into the modern era. It offers robust protection with a dash of timeless style for men, women, and kids.

Rugged Meets Modern:


Embrace the new age with the Timberland Radford Boot, where contemporary style meets the strength you trust. It's designed for the man who appreciates classic toughness with a modern twist.

Innovation in Motion:


The Timberland Converge Boot is a fusion of modern technology and enduring quality. This boot is a testament to the innovative spirit that propels people forward.

Eco-Conscious Exploration:


Step into the future with the Timberland GreenStride Motion 6 Hiker Boot, an eco-friendly choice for the modern explorer. It represents Timberland's commitment to sustainability without compromising on performance.

Elevated Urban Style: 


The Timberland Stone Street Platform Boot redefines women's street style with an elevated twist. This boot merges urban chic with the classic Timberland ethos.

Versatility Unrolled:


Experience versatility like never before with Timberland's Waterproof Roll-Top Boot. Designed for women, it adapts to your style and the ever-changing weather, making it a must-have for every wardrobe.

Sophisticated and Sturdy:


The Timberland Greyfield Boot is where sophistication meets practicality. Tailored for women who demand style without sacrificing durability, it's perfect for both city streets and country trails.

Embracing the Journey to Now

As we honour Timberland's impressive 50-year journey, we extend an invitation for you to join this remarkable legacy. This is your chance to step into a world where timeless design meets enduring appeal, right here at JD Sports Canada. It’s not just about wearing a brand, it's about being part of a story that has been shaping outdoor and urban landscapes for decades.

From the iconic Yellow Boot that started it all to the latest innovations in footwear, Timberland continues to pave the way in both style and substance. Whether you're seeking boots that make a statement in the city or gear that stands up to the rigours of the great outdoors, Timberland has something that will resonate with your spirit of adventure. Embrace the heritage, embrace the future, and step forward with confidence in a pair of Timbs that are more than just boots — they're a testament to enduring style and resilience.